Rubik 1709 is an ultramodern office and clinics building. Rising in a prime location in Beirut next to Hotel Dieu, Rubik 1709 is ideally located on the main road. This advantageous setting makes it a perfect place for businesses and medical practices. Close to a major hospital and university and near Sassine Square, Rubik 1709 is attractively central and highly accessible.


It's not just Rubik 1709's great location which adds to the prestige and positive first impression it creates for businesses and medical practices, the architecture itself sends a distinctive message of professionalism. The facade is a statement of contemporary charm and dynamism with its intriguing interplay of square and rectangle shapes in addition to the contrast of aluminum cladding, glass openings and lush greenery. At night, the building lights up to create an eye catching mosaic effect. This all makes it an outstanding landmark on the main road.


Rubik 1709's entrance is modern and bright. A drop off zone for valet parking adds to the welcoming ambiance. The ground floor lobby feels luxuriously corporate with exquisite marble and wood veneer. Rubik 1709 is home to 90 m2 and 100 m2 offices and clinics that can be joined to create 200 m2 spaces. All the spacious units enjoy open space with no obstructive concrete columns and some even have a terrace, creating an inviting ambiance conducive for work. The main street level features a 300 m2 showroom and a 445 m2 showroom.


One of Rubik 1709's highlights is the ample parking for the firms, clinics and visitors. For added convenience, the building has 3 elevators, a lobby on each floor with a waiting area with open views, and a common toilet on each floor. Security systems, fire alarms, a dedicated electricity generator, sturdy seismic design and other features come together to make Rubik 1709 a center for productivity.