Spears 1858 embraces twin residential towers (A and B). Home to luxurious apartments, the towers are designed as a harmonious entity. The façade brings together natural beige with elements of wood, a medley of glass and a touch of greenery. Subtle yet bold, stylishly contemporary yet heartwarming, the building seems to have various layers and levels. Spears 1858 have different modern living spaces to suit your needs.


Tower A consists of simplexes ranging from 120 m2 to 180 m2.

Tower B consists of simplexes ranging from 130 m2 to 270 m2.


The two towers are capped with two state of the art duplexes 300 m2 and 357 m2 with breathtaking views of the Marina and Down Town Beirut.


Four basements, ample parking and a security system add to Spears 1858’s welcoming appeal. All these details come together to make the towers a safe, convenient and lavish home in the city.


The two separate entrances to Spears 1858 with two Elevators each and a common service Elevator are overflowed with modern allure. Shimmering glass, cascading water features, bright lighting, warm wood and lush landscaping combine to create a lasting impression. The use of lines, rectangles and squares adds a certain geometry that increases the welcoming charm. The entrances include a private road that is ideal for cars. Your chauffeur can easily pick you up and drop you off (i.e. you don’t have to go down to the parking).